What is an air pillow?

What is an air pillow?

The main material for cushion material of air pillow is polyethylene (PE), which is a completely non degradable material, but it is non-toxic, harmless, recyclable, and more environmentally friendly than other packaging materials. The materials for making air pillow are generally linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) and metallocene linear low density polyethylene (mLLDPE), etc. Among them, metallocene linear low density polyethylene is the most ideal packaging material with excellent heat sealing property, which is generally suitable for packaging milk, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.

The cushion air pillow is composed of a large amount of air and PE film. It has a cushioning effect unmatched by traditional bubble wrap. It uses the least amount of materials to fill the gaps in the package and reduce material waste. The air pillow bag can withstand a pressure of 60kg or more, effectively avoiding damage to articles caused by violent sorting, collision and extrusion during transportation. 

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Our productivity

We have great capacity, inflation capacity 10 tons per day. Bag making capacity more than 3000 rolls per day, daily machine production 100 pcs per day. There are large quantity of stock in our warehouse, can offer a delivery time in 1-2 days for regular sizes.

Our Customized Services

We support customized products with low MOQ. Customized logo on the machine, requests MOQ 10pcs only. Customized color of the machine, requests MOQ 50pcs only. Customized printing logo on the rolls, MOQ 100 rolls.

Our strength

We are a rare factory that produces both films and machines., will support free spare parts of the machine, if keep buying rolls from us. Once meet any after-sales problems, our engineer will reply immediately, to help solving problems in a quick time.


Our Mechanical Quality

All of our air cushion machine are made in metal shell, very durable. The air cushion machines can work continuously more than 10 hours.

Types of air pillow

Our factory has scientific quality management system, supporting completed production process including inflation, printing, sealing, bag making, etc. The main products include air bubble wrap, air pillow bag, air column roll, air cushion machine, air column machine, etc.

We’re a manufacturer professional in cushion packaging material in China, with 40000 square meters workshop area. It is equipped with more than 20 sets of soft package laboratory facilities, We have more than 20 sets of soft package experimental equipment imported from Germany, with a laboratory passed ISO 17025/cnas international laboratory

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What users say about VOCHO

The film is strong too, one of our person stepped on it, the film shows good. I bought 3 different size of bubble, to fit for my different size of goods. We make the drop test with our glass cup, the cup was protected well after we dropped the box for many times. I don't worry my goods during transportation.


I get a free machine because I bought more than 20 rolls films. The machine is easy to use and it inflates the bubbles quickly. Works better than expected. Very simple with no complexity whatsoever. The machine is very easy to operate. It is really necessary to pack fragile items, which is very practical for me. Practicality and usability are very high, amazing.


I don’t know how to operate it, seller provided quick and excellent customer service, we have a real-time video to teach me step by step. 5 stars :) Machine works excellently.


It has been in use for some time, works totally fine, and did not have film jam and other failures. And the voltage not only supports 110V, but also compatible with 220V. with a wide voltage 100 to 240V compatible settings. No longer have to worry about burning because of incompatible voltage! This is a very good update. And you can contact the seller to replace the plug corresponding to your region, don't need plug converter any more

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We have 3 sizes of the air bubble, bubble diameter after inflated is 3.5cm/2.5cm/2cm, which meet different needs for packaging.

Sure, we support customized color for air bubble film.

It’s depended on different materials, air staying time ranges from 7 days to 1 year.

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Global overseas warehouse Local Delivery

We are working on global overseas warehouses, supporting local delivery. Stock in USA and England warehouse is ready, supporting 3-5 days delivery to local address with Low Freight. Local warehouses in other regions are also being planned, including Canada, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Spain, Sweden. It only takes 3-5 days to ship from the local warehouse, and the purchase price is cheaper than buying directly from local suppliers, helping you save on shipping costs. There’re air bubble wrap, air pillow bag roll, and air cushion machine in the USA and England warehouse. Air cushion material has become a popular choice for e-commerce sellers due to its low cost and ease of use. The upgraded version of the air cushion packaging machine comes out.

Which is more suitable for fragile packaging? Air column bag, EPE foam, Styrofoam?

Which is more suitable for packaging of fragile products, such as air bubble bag, air column bag, foam and pearl cotton? With the development of trading and the upgrading of products, there are many commodities that are transported and circulated in different regions, and a lots of fragile packaging coming out accordingly. Plenty of products requires long-distance transportation, how to protect them during transportation is a complicated problem! What are the common fragile packaging in the market? The common fragile packaging in life is roughly Styrofoam, EPE foam , air column bags, etc. Why suggest air column bag for you ? Let's see a simple analysis from several perspectives. Air column bag Protection: Styrofoam and EPE damage will cause fragile product damage; while the air column bag is composed of multiple independent air columns, even if a single air column is damaged, the protection effect will not be affected, and the protection performance is better. Logistics transportation: The transportation cost of styrofoam and pearl cotton is very high. Although the weight is small, the space is large. A little more volume requires many trucks to load; because the air column bag is not inflated before use, it is transported. The bag requires only a small space, saving a lot of transportation costs. Material cost: Styrofoam and EPE need to be moulded according to the shape of the fragile product, and the subsequent batch cost is moderate; the use of air column bags does not need to open the mould, and the cost has advantages over the former two. Environmental protection: Styrofoam and EPE are "white pollution", they are difficult to degrade and dispose of after use, and produce toxic gas after burning; the air column bag has passed the SGS non-toxic certification, in line with the EU ROHS green environmental protection requirements, high temperature and non-toxic after sale No pollution, in line with the seventh category of environmental resource recycling. In terms of storage: Styrofoam and EPE are molded packaging, which are molded and foamed according to the shape of fragile products. They occupy a large area and have high storage cost pressure; when the air column bag is not inflated, there are only a few sheets of A4 paper thickness. It is inflated when in use, so it occupies very little storage space and the storage cost is very low. From the above comparison, it can be seen that in terms of cost control and protection performance, the use of air column bags is the future trend under the prerequisites of increasing attention to environmental issues around the world! It is better to use air column bags for fragile packaging.

Air bubble film | Indispensable logistics buffer filling packaging!

Today, with the increasing rise of e-commerce, the majority of merchants have chosen a new type of logistics buffer filling material with strong protective properties, air bubble film as a packaging material. There are so many buffer packaging materials, why do you choose air bubble film? Because compared with many logistics buffer filling packaging materials such as poly dragon, newspaper and pearl cotton, air bubble film can stand out mainly because of the following points: 1. Cushion Protection The air bubble film is a transparent film made of high molecular polyethylene material. It is inflated by the matching air cushion machine, and then the whole film becomes a protective material composed of multiple bubbles. There are perforated lines on the air bubble film, which can be torn according to the size and volume of the protected product during use, and will not be wasted. The air bubble film can be properly stretched, and the product can be wrapped and packaged to achieve 360-degree all-round protection without dead ends. The bubble film can truly protect the packaged products and minimize the damage rate of the products. Compared with the traditional logistics buffer filling material, the inflated air bubble film will not be damaged due to the large space in the packaging box, which will cause the product to shift during transportation and cause damage. Even if it is squeezed by external pressure, the process level of the air bubble film will put pressure disperse throughout the body to prevent damage to the product, thus greatly increasing the cushioning protection effect in transit. 2. Aesthetics Traditional logistics buffer filling and packaging materials such as old newspapers, poly dragons and pearl cotton will produce a lot of debris and dregs due to the characteristics of their products when they are packaged and used. These debris will not only pollute the protected products, but also give people a visual It's a bad experience and feels like opening a messy litter box. The inflated air bubble film is completely different. The air bubble film is made of PE film filled with air. It is self-contained and will not generate debris and extra garbage during use. Always keep the product independent, clean and tidy. Give customers the most direct visual effect. 3. Competitive price With the rapid economic development, the competition in today's market is already very fierce. If any product does not have certain advantages, it is difficult to grasp the support of customers. For this reason, many manufacturers are racking their brains to improve the quality and production efficiency of their products, so as to reduce costs and obtain more income. Air cushion film is also very simple and convenient to inflate the gourd membrane. One inflator can be operated by one person, saving manpower and material resources. After the air bubble film is inflated, it can protect the product without dead angle, the storage space is small, and the cost is low. There is no worry about product damage, and the cost of reissuing items is eliminated. 4. Environmental advantages The material of the air bubble film is non-toxic and recyclable PE film, which greatly reduces the cost. Not only that, compared with traditional packaging materials, air bubble film is environmentally friendly, has high production efficiency, and can provide a good protection effect. The use of air cushion film not only greatly reduces the damage rate of products, but also contributes to environmental protection. To enhance the brand image, it is simply a matter of serving multiple purposes. To sum up, air bubble film is indeed an excellent one as a logistics buffer filling packaging material. Moreover, it is used in almost all fields, and the transportation of some long-distance goods is even more indispensable. Good inflated air bubble  film packaging can not only save costs and improve efficiency, but also protect the product from damage. Therefore, when purchasing, you must pay attention to quality, not just price. Dongguan chuyuanhui Packing material Co., Ltd is the original manufacturer of air cushion film, focusing on the research and development, production and quality assurance of plastic functional films.

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