Air Column Bag

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  • Air Column Bag
  • Air Column Bag
  • Air Column Bag
  • Air Column Bag
  • Air Column Bag

Air Column Bag

The cushion material of air column bag, is good for fall proof, shock proof and leak proof. Any customized sizes is acceptable.
  • It’s PA/PE material, with strong toughness and pressure resistance.
  • Easy to inflate, suitable for column machine, hand pump, electric pump, air compressor, etc..
  • Special air valve design, can keep the air staying for more than 6 months..

Air column bag will help to solve below problems easily

Are you tired of searching suitable packing material sizes for your products? You can cut the air column as you want to fit your goods. And customized sizes is acceptable.

With ISO certificate, Senipack has strict quality controlling system in production,  below will show you the difference between our packaging material and others material in the market:
Air Column Bag

Our company uses the United Kingdom, the German Standardization association and the European standardization committee to build a top rubber and plastic performance testing laboratory.
  • We have most of the sizes in stock, can offer a quick delivery time.
  • Customized printing on the material is acceptable.
  • It can be widely used in consumer electronics, precision instruments, household appliances, online shopping, etc.
Air Column Bag

Instruction for pumping air column
Air Column Bag

The air column bags are suitable for plenty of industries
Air Column Bag
Material Thickness Columns Shape Suitable product size
PA/PE 60um 4 columns L Shape H15cm*D4cm
4 columns Q Shape  H20cm*D4cm
5 columns L Shape H15cm*D5cm
5 columns Q Shape H20cm*D5cm
5 columns Q Shape H25cm*D5cm
6 columns L Shape H13cm*D6cm
6 columns L Shape H15cm*D6cm
6 columns Q Shape H18cm*D6cm
6 columns Q Shape H20cm*D6cm
6 columns Q Shape H23cm*D6cm
6 columns Q Shape H25cm*D6cm
6 columns Q Shape H30cm*D6cm
7 columns Q Shape H18cm*D8cm
7 columns Q Shape H20cm*D8cm
7 columns Q Shape H23cm*D8cm
7 columns Q Shape H25cm*D8cm
7 columns Q Shape H30cm*D8cm
7 columns Q Shape H32cm*D8cm
8 columns Q Shape H20cm*D10cm
8 columns Q Shape H26cm*D10cm
8 columns Q Shape H30cm*D10cm
8 columns Q Shape  H32cm*D10cm
8 columns Q Shape H35cm*D10cm
9 columns Q Shape H26cm*D11cm
9 columns Q Shape H30cm*D11cm
9 columns Q Shape H35cm*D11cm
10 columns Q Shape H20cm*D14cm
10 columns L Shape H27cm*W20cm
11 columns L Shape H27cm*D14cm

The size will be different before inflated and after inflated, below is a specification for a sample

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