Exhibition on K-Show 2022, Germany

From Oct. 19th to 26th, 2022, our company participated in the K-Show exhibition in Germany. K-Show is the world's No. 1 trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. It gathers the most important supplier of plastics and rubber machinery, raw and auxiliary materials and semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastic products under one roof. We brought major products and some of new developed products there, including  air cushion machine, air column machines, and air bubble wra

Research on the Cushion Paper Cushion Machine Industry: Expected to reach 4.1 billion US dollars by 2028

The cushioning paper pad machine market is a constantly developing industry that provides efficient and environmentally friendly packaging material solutions for enterprises. This machine produces cushioning pads made of recycled paper, which can be used to protect fragile items during transportation and handling. In this analysis, we will examine the global buffer paper cushion machine market and the Chinese market to analyze their development trends. Global market: Due to the increasing demand for environmental

May Packaging Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany

In May, our company organized a trip to Germany to participate in the 3-year packaging exhibition in Dusseldorf, which is the world's largest packaging exhibition. We have gained many customers and seen many advanced packaging equipment and materials from our peers. At the same time, we also see our shortcomings. After returning, the company's R&D team and sales team conducted a good summary.

The Versatile Role of Top Quality Air Cushion Film in Packaging

In the world of packaging, protecting goods during transit is of utmost importance. This is where top quality air cushion film plays a vital role. Air cushion film, also known as bubble wrap or cushioning film, is a versatile material that offers excellent protection against impacts and shocks for products of all shapes and sizes. Made from two layers of plastic film with tiny air bubbles in between, it provides a soft, cushioned layer that absorbs shock and prevents items from being damaged. The Advantages of T

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