Air bubble film | Indispensable logistics buffer filling packaging!

Air bubble film | Indispensable logistics buffer filling packaging!

Air bubble film | Indispensable logistics buffer filling packaging!

Sep 26, 2022

Today, with the increasing rise of e-commerce, the majority of merchants have chosen a new type of logistics buffer filling material with strong protective properties, air bubble film as a packaging material. There are so many buffer packaging materials, why do you choose air bubble film? Because compared with many logistics buffer filling packaging materials such as poly dragon, newspaper and pearl cotton, air bubble film can stand out mainly because of the following points:

1. Cushion Protection
The air bubble film is a transparent film made of high molecular polyethylene material. It is inflated by the matching air cushion machine, and then the whole film becomes a protective material composed of multiple bubbles. There are perforated lines on the air bubble film, which can be torn according to the size and volume of the protected product during use, and will not be wasted. The air bubble film can be properly stretched, and the product can be wrapped and packaged to achieve 360-degree all-round protection without dead ends. The bubble film can truly protect the packaged products and minimize the damage rate of the products. Compared with the traditional logistics buffer filling material, the inflated air bubble film will not be damaged due to the large space in the packaging box, which will cause the product to shift during transportation and cause damage. Even if it is squeezed by external pressure, the process level of the air bubble film will put pressure disperse throughout the body to prevent damage to the product, thus greatly increasing the cushioning protection effect in transit.

2. Aesthetics
Traditional logistics buffer filling and packaging materials such as old newspapers, poly dragons and pearl cotton will produce a lot of debris and dregs due to the characteristics of their products when they are packaged and used. These debris will not only pollute the protected products, but also give people a visual It's a bad experience and feels like opening a messy litter box. The inflated air bubble film is completely different. The air bubble film is made of PE film filled with air. It is self-contained and will not generate debris and extra garbage during use. Always keep the product independent, clean and tidy. Give customers the most direct visual effect.

3. Competitive price
With the rapid economic development, the competition in today's market is already very fierce. If any product does not have certain advantages, it is difficult to grasp the support of customers. For this reason, many manufacturers are racking their brains to improve the quality and production efficiency of their products, so as to reduce costs and obtain more income. Air cushion film is also very simple and convenient to inflate the gourd membrane. One inflator can be operated by one person, saving manpower and material resources. After the air bubble film is inflated, it can protect the product without dead angle, the storage space is small, and the cost is low. There is no worry about product damage, and the cost of reissuing items is eliminated.

4. Environmental advantages
The material of the air bubble film is non-toxic and recyclable PE film, which greatly reduces the cost. Not only that, compared with traditional packaging materials, air bubble film is environmentally friendly, has high production efficiency, and can provide a good protection effect. The use of air cushion film not only greatly reduces the damage rate of products, but also contributes to environmental protection. To enhance the brand image, it is simply a matter of serving multiple purposes.

To sum up, air bubble film is indeed an excellent one as a logistics buffer filling packaging material. Moreover, it is used in almost all fields, and the transportation of some long-distance goods is even more indispensable. Good inflated air bubble  film packaging can not only save costs and improve efficiency, but also protect the product from damage. Therefore, when purchasing, you must pay attention to quality, not just price.

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